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Architectural Sheet Metal and Metal Roofing

Our architectural sheet metal is world-class. From steel to copper, our team has the right product to meet your aesthetic and functional needs. We custom fabricate all types of metal on a daily basis so that you won't be stuck with only what you can buy on the shelf.

Copper Roofing

Copper is regarded as one of the world's most beautiful and refined roofing systems. We are the most skilled and experienced copper workers in Northern Michigan! We work on every project with the utmost pride and attention. Copper is the longest-lasting roofing material available and one of the most aesthetically pleasing. We can apply it to your entire roof or just as a beautiful accent.

Standing Seam Steel Roofing

We offer our own custom-fabricated standing seam steel roofing system as our mainline metal roof. This system is custom crafted to fit your home on-site, in our fabrication shop, or both. This system is regarded as one of the best roofing options in Northern Michigan. The Story Panel system is made by hand to fit your home, not rolled out at a factory. Our standing seam roofing is offered in an array of beautiful colors and has been a top choice for generations.

Steel, Aluminum, & Copper Shingles

Our knowledge of metal roofing doesn't end at standing seam and custom applications. If you are looking for factory systems like metal, tile, or shingle, we offer solutions to suit your needs. We offer multiple brands of steel, aluminum, and copper shingles, and we can also custom-make copper shingles for specific areas of your roof.